The ‚??LAR‚?Ě resin application line has been designed and developed for applying a fibreglass net on the rear side of tiles, using a special two-component resin. These tiles are used for the construction of ventilated facades. The net thus mounted prevents broken fragments of tile from detaching the main body of the tile, which is still attached to the wall. LAR is basically composed of two modules: the first applies the net and spreads it onto the tile; the second applies the resin that thus firmly attaches it to the tile. The two modules can be completed by other machines for handling the loading and unloading operations in an entirely automatic manner, thus increasing the production output of the machine. Movements are control by a PLC that allows for accurate control of the line's functions, thus making the latter extremely reliable. Maintenance is extremely easy and the same applies to size changeovers. These are very rapid to reduce machine stops to a minimum.