The machine has been devised to calibrate and bevel porcelain stoneware liners and glass.
The material is conveyed by means of width adjustable timing belts. The belts variable speed towing device is equipped with transmission through spline shaft to make the size change easier. The calibrating heads are the first ones as to the direction and are opposed; the ones at 45° for the bevel are also opposed and floating and guarantee a uniform bevel along the whole material.
The above mentioned heads, being connected to the belts, can be adjusted for the size change by simply moving its axes. As for the fine adjustments the motor spindles are equipped with an incorporated axial displacement. Additional calibrating or bevelling heads can be added according to the working requirements; this variation must be arranged at the planning stage.
The steadiness and sturdiness of the main frame, built in hot galvanized very thick structural tube is essential even for this type of working.

technical datas
30 Kw
1100 Kg
2200 mm
2000 mm
2800 mm
Water consumption
15 lt/min ogni utensile