1 Testa / 1 Head

Linear cutting machine with belt and hot galvanized structure in stainless steel.
It\'s equipped with one cutting head with supported shaft; the diamond disks for the cutting are assembled on chromium plated grinded sleeve allowing a quick replacement for the size change.
The main structure of the machine is in hot-dip steel, and all the parts coming into direct contact with water are in stainless steel. The main head casing is soundproofed so that the noise during operation is reduced to a minimum.
The machine is suitable for cutting any type of ceramic material, glass, marble, granite etc. Flexibility and reliability are the result of its structural strength and of carefully selected top-quality components, which also allow for the cutting of large widths.
Other basic details not to be disregarded are its user-friendliness along with a high value and quality of daily production rates.

technical datas
Cutting heads
Potenza motomandrino
20HP - 25HP - 30HP - 40HP
Tape width
400 - 500 - 600 - 700 mm